Town centre driving: How to improve fuel consumption


Town centre driving: How to improve fuel consumption.

Telford is a busy town, there are lots of stops and starts, queues and the dreaded rush hour. Not great for fuel consumption. While we can’t do anything about the cost of fuel, SSH Self Drive can give you a few useful tips on how to improve fuel consumption while driving around the town centre.

1. Keep your car in good working order to improve fuel consumption

The first way to improve fuel consumption is to make sure that your car is in top condition. This is something that you can rest assured with when you hire from SHH Self Drive. All of our vehicles are maintained and checked before anyone takes them onto the road. Simply driving a car that is working correctly, will help to improve fuel consumption.

2. Drive smoothly and enjoy your Telford trip

Telford is a busy place and with lots of traffic comes lots of stops and starts when driving. Driving smoothly is important when trying to improve fuel consumption. Over-acceleration or over-breaking will have a negative effect on your fuel consumption. The aim of the game is to waste as little energy as possible, so gradual acceleration to reduce your chance for needing to brake quickly is a good tactic for helping to save on petrol.

3. A lighter car will improve fuel consumption

The heavier the car, the more fuel it will use. You can make a big difference by removing anything which is not required for journeys in the near future, for example a child’s car seat or the golf clubs in your boot. Any extra weight in the car increases fuel consumption – there’s a significant saving to be made by keeping light.

4. Switch off the air conditioning to turn on fuel savings

Not that it is warm enough to have the air conditioning on just yet, but this can actually affect your fuel consumption. Limit the frequent use of your heater and cooler as this can contribute to the amount of petrol you use. Instead wind down your window to let fresh air circulate when you are driving around Telford, as this will save you pennies in petrol.

5. Plan your journey

At rush hour, like most towns, Telford can be a very challenging place to drive through. So we advise you to plan your journey in advance. Planning your journey will actually improve your fuel consumption as it will cut the time you are stopping and starting  in queues. It will also eliminate driving further than you have to. Planning your journey will help you to avoid traffic black spots and busy times if possible.

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