Is it best to hire a manual or automatic car? Use our guide to help you choose.

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Are you thinking of hiring a vehicle and wondering is it best to hire a manual or automatic car? Use our simple guide to help you choose.

So is it best to hire a manual or automatic car?

If you are unsure whether to opt for a manual or an automatic car we have lots of experience in driving both types. We’ve been matching drivers to their perfect hire vehicles for many years. Let us help you make your decision by talking through the differences between the manual and automatic cars and the benefits that you can enjoy from either.

How Do Manual and Automatic Cars Differ?

In a nutshell, the most obvious difference between and automatic and a manual vehicle lies with the gear stick.

Automatic cards typically have simple gear sticks that let you alternate between four driving modes: park, reverse, neutral and drive. Many automatic cars sometimes allow you to manually shift gears to handle specific driving conditions. Automatic cars can provide more of a luxury feel, particularly on a long journey. This gives you a more relaxed drive, you simply use the accelerator and the brake to move the car.

Manual transmission cars, or course, feature a gear stick with five to seven forward speed gears, plus a reverse gear. Operated in conjunction with the smooth transition of the clutch peddle, the driver is centric to the smooth running of the vehicle. Many drivers prefer this more hands-on approach to driving, feeling more in control behind the wheel, rather than relying on an automatic system.

The Benefits of Automatic Cars

Simple to drive, automatic cars are a popular choice at SSH Self Drive. Taking out the stress of driving through hilly areas, an automatic car takes out the need to switch gears each time the steepness of the road changes. Hill starts are also taken care of with an automatic vehicle. Simply push the accelerator and the car moves forward without any danger of rolling back or stalling the engine. Allowing you to keep your hands on the steering wheel at all time, you can respond to road hazards quickly since you are not fiddling with the gear stick as often. Similarly, heavy traffic is a breeze, as there is no need to constantly work up and down the gears as you stop and start the car.

The Benefits of Manual Cars

Giving drivers access to gears gives manual drivers more control over their speed. For experienced drivers in particular, this sense of control brings peace of mind and more enjoyment to the drive. Manual vehicles also tend to have more gears than automatics, allowing the driver to enjoy the engine’s full power in ways that automatics can’t. Giving more of a traditional driving experience, many of our manual car hire drivers tell us that the pleasure of the drive lies in feeling a part of the drive. Being in complete control of the running of the vehicle is something that many of our customers enjoy more than anything.

So is it best to hire a manual or automatic car? It depends on what sort of a driving experience you are looking for. Whatever your preference, we have a selection of manual and automatic cars to choose from here at SSH Self Drive. Click here to see our full range or give us a call to chat through what you are looking for in your ideal rental.