It’s The August Bank Holiday Weekend

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The August Bank Holiday weekend is just around the corner and it’s the last one of the year, therefore make it count!

The summer holidays are still in full swing, but have you slightly noticed the nights getting a little darker sooner? Unfortunately, before we know it, the kids will be back at school and we will be on the Autumn countdown. Why not take one last leap before the summer ends…

6 Facts About August Bank Holiday


  1. Last Monday of the Month

Traditionally, the August Bank Holiday always falls on the last Monday of the month, however it hasn’t always been this way. Up until 1971, it would take place on the first Monday of August, but it moved to the last of the month as it clashed with the annual two week summer shut down that many companies have during the summer.

     2. Summer Bank Holiday

The August Bank Holiday is also known as the Summer Bank Holiday and it seems pretty obvious why. The previous bank holiday falls at the end of May, therefore the August bank holiday is the only one that takes place during summer.

    3. The Last One of the Year

We spend the first half of the year waiting for summer to come around, but once we hit the August Bank Holiday, then we know there’s only four months left until C******** and the kids will be going back to school soon! The August Bank Holiday is technically the last bank holiday of the year, therefore that is the best reason to make sure it counts!


   4. John Lubbock

It was liberal politician and banker Sir John Lubbock who invented the Bank Holidays Act of 1871 and therefore made official the four public holidays we now have every year.

   5. Not in Scotland

Monday 26th August will be a bank holiday for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, Scotland still celebrate their summer bank holiday on the first Monday of the month.

6. Why ‘Bank’ Holiday?

Have you ever wondered why a bank holiday was called a bank holiday? Or do we just not care about the name, and focus more on enjoying our time off work? Coined by inventor, Sir John Lubbock, the four bank holiday Mondays of the year are known as bank holidays, as banks are traditionally closed on these days.


Make the Most of Your Weekend

As we’ve mentioned, the August Bank Holiday is the LAST BANK HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR, therefore do something with it. Why not take a well deserved break before the kids go back to school? Take a trip to the coast, visit family or embark a spontaneous four day adventure!

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Happy Summer Bank Holiday from all the team at SSH.