5 Reasons Why You Might Need to Hire a Minibus

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There are plenty of reasons why at times you need to hire a vehicle, such as work purposes, a weekend away with the family or if you’re moving house. But have you ever needed to hire a minibus?

As a self-drive vehicle company, we know there are plenty of different reasons why people need to hire a vehicle, and a minibus is no exception. Here’s what we believe to be the Top 5 reasons why people might need to hire a minibus…

1. Wedding Season

Wedding season is already in full swing. Have you got a hen or stag party weekend to attend? Been wondering how you will get to and from the venue on the big day?

Our 9, 12 and 17 seater minibuses would mean you don’t have the dreaded stress of dealing with the inconveniences of public transport, or booking lots of individual taxis to get you from A to B. Plus, it would be down to you to make sure you’re not late!

2. Day Trips

It’s cliché to say ‘where is the year going?.’ But we are already in July and summer has officially started. This means that the school summer holidays are just around the corner.

One of the biggest tasks during the school holidays is making sure you are keeping the kids entertained. Are you thinking about going on a couple of day trips? Perhaps you want to visit the Zoo or the local theme parks? Then you realise each child wants to take two best friends… each. Create the perfect day trips and hire a minibus with SSH.

minibus hire day trips

3. Sporting Weekends

Minibuses are great when you have a sporting weekend coming up. On plenty of occasions, we have met groups who are away on Rugby Tournaments, Football competitions, Athletic events and much more. And, instead of taking a number of different cars, they prefer to travel together and self-hire with us.

4. Holidays

Hiring a minibus for a holiday in the UK is probably one of the most stupidest things you’ve heard. However, in some situations, it could solve a range of problems.

Sometimes a car is just not big enough. You might want to take away additional family members, friends or even pets.  Then, you need more boot space. Instead of taking more than one vehicle, hire a minibus to suit your requirements and have the added comfort and space for longer journeys.

5. Concerts & Festivals

There have been plenty of times we have hired one of our minibuses to a group of friends off to a concert or festival. Our competitive prices and quick availability meant everyone could travel together and make sure they arrived on time.

minibus hire to a concert

Minibus Hire with SSH

Benefits of hiring a minibus include:

  • They are cost effective
  • Environment friendly
  • Convenient
  • Sociable
  • Comfortable

Whether you have a wedding coming up, wanting to spend some precious time with the family or are looking to get away with friends, get in touch to discuss your requirements. We have a wide range of vehicles to choose from and we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices coupled with a first class service.

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