Is Easter the Best Weekend of the Year?

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Everybody loves Easter; a long weekend of work, the first bank holiday since New Year’s Day, and silly amounts of chocolate. It’s a win, win situation for everyone (unless you work in retail then bank holidays don’t really exist)!

The Best Weekend of the Year

When it comes to bank holidays, England and Wales traditionally have 8 a year, Scotland have 9 and Northern Ireland have 10. But the Easter weekend is often referred to as the best bank holiday weekend of the year…

Four Day Weekend

The first and most important reason why we think Easter is the best weekend of the year, is simply because it has four days. Unlike other bank holidays where you get the Monday off, Good Friday is also classed as a bank holiday. Therefore most places break up on Thursday afternoon and it really is a long weekend!

Chocolate Mania

Easter just wouldn’t be Easter without copious amounts of chocolate and Easter eggs. Just like Christmas day, Easter Sunday is the perfect excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But what’s the connection between Easter and chocolate eggs? Traditionally, Easter is a Christian tradition that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. The Bible says that Jesus died on Good Friday and then resurrected from the dead on Easter Sunday.

easter best weekend

But where do the modern traditions come from? Most of us eat on chocolate eggs at Easter, but originally eating eggs was not allowed by church leaders during the week leading up to Easter (known as Holy Week). Therefore, any eggs which were laid that week were saved and decorated; making them Holy Week eggs; they were then given to children as gifts. Victorians then adapted the tradition with satin-covered cardboard eggs filled with Easter gifts.

So where did the chocolate come into it? The first chocolate eggs appeared in France and Germany in the 19th Century, but were bitter and hard. Then, as chocolate-making techniques improved, hollow eggs like the ones we have today were developed. They very quickly became popular and remain a favourite Easter tradition.

Shorter Week

So we’ve had a great four-day weekend, but then when it all seems like doom and gloom at 4pm on Easter Monday, just remember that it’s only a four-day week at work. Oh and then we have another two bank holidays in May!

Roasts & Wine

Obviously wine and roast dinners aren’t just for Easter, and both should be consumed at any point in the year. But many of us will indulge in a traditional roast on Easter Sunday, with all the trimmings as well as few bottles of your favourite vino. It’s Easter – which means it’s a great excuse to drink and eat aplenty.

Easter Best Weekend

5 Days Car Hire for the Price of 3

The reasons above are enough to possibly make Easter the best weekend of the year, but we like to do our bit as well…

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Our opening hours over the Easter Weekend are as follows:

· Good Friday – Closed
· Saturday – 08:30 -12:30pm
· Sunday – Closed
· Bank Holiday Monday – Closed

Normal hours resume on Tuesday 23rd April.


Easter Best Weekend