May Bank Holiday Madness

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May Bank Holiday Weekend Getaway

May is nearly upon us, which means we have two bank holidays to look forward to over the next few weeks.

Are you thinking of getting away for a couple of days? If so, drive in style and take advantage of our great May Day deals.

Hire With SSH

Here at SSH we have a wide range of hire vehicles to choose from, meaning there will be something to suit yours and your family needs.

This May Day we are offering all our customers the chance to hire a vehicle for the long weekend, and get the bank holiday Monday for completely free! This means you can pick your vehicle up at 12.00pm on Friday, and keep it until 9.00am Tuesday morning.

Ultimately, you are getting four days car hire for the price of 3!

To book your May Bank Holiday car hire, get in touch with our team. Call us on 0800 2851414 or visit our website.

Looking For Something Else?

Whether you are looking for a great weekend deal, long-term vehicle hire or an alternative option to long-term leasing, SSH can help.

We understand the need for competitive short-term leases that have both low monthly payments and low deposits. This is why our Flexi-Lease business gives our clients a service which is as flexible as possible. Visit our website here or get in touch to discuss your requirements.