New Driving Licence Legislation From 8th June 2016

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As of the 8th June 2016 the paper counterpart to the UK photocard driving licence issued in Great Britain in no longer valid. Licences issued by DVLA in Northern Ireland are not affected.

Note: this change is not to be confused with paper driving licences issued before 1998, which stay valid

But how does this change affect you when it comes to renting a car ? Take a look below for some answers :

How does this change renting a car if I hold the UK driving Licence issued in Great Britain ?
All that has changed is that you and any additional driver will each need to bring a copy of your Licence Summary, or unique code, obtained from the DVLA when renting a car. This is required for both photocard driving licences as well as paper licences issued before 1998

How do I gain access to my driving licence summary ?
To save time at the counter please bring a printout of your Licence Summary. To obtain your Licence Summary visit which will provide you with a PDF that you can print out.

You will need the have the following information:

  1. Driving Licence Number
  2. National Insurance Number
  3. Postcode That Is Displayed On Your Licence

Once on the View Driving Licence web page :

  1. Click on the “Share Your Licence Information” tab
  2. Click on “Create a Code Button”
  3. Clink the link “to View, Print or Save your licence information” and print out a copy of your Licence Summary

If you do not have access to a printer, make a note of the unique code and bring it with you when collecting your hire vehicle.

NOTE: Unique Codes are case sensitive so it is important to write un UPPER and lower case letters where relevant
NOTE: Unique codes are only valid for 72 hours